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Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea. The reasons for its occurrence are most commonly - smoking, overweight, evening meal just before bedtime. The manifestation of sleep apnea is associated with a collapse (obstruction, occlusion) of the upper respiratory tract, hypoxia, hypercapnia - increased partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the blood, bradycardia - reduced heart rate and compensatory (after waking up) hyperventilation (rapid and deep breathing) and tachycardia (increased heart rhythm).

When sleep apnea occurs for the first time a man wakes up with suffocating breathing spasms and cannot catch his breath at all or vomits plentifully. When the sufferer wakes up with suffocation he strives frantically to catch his breath as his instinctive reaction is directed solely to inhalation.

How to help yourself at this point? The next time this happens remain calm, master yourself and instead of trying unsuccessfully to inhale, make an effort and exhale. Thus you will immediately free up the airways and will start to breathe freely.

As a long-term solution to this trouble I declare in front of you in the most responsible way that if you do not lose weight and stop smoking the sleep apnea will not disappear but will deepen and such repeated and rapid load of the cardiovascular and nervous system can lead to heart attack and stroke.

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