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Stroke. Stroke constitutes generally a vascular event in the brain. It can be either hemorrhagic (rupture of a blood vessel and subsequent hemorrhage) or ischemic (blockage of a blood vessel which stops the blood supply to part of the brain). In winter at low temperatures the elderly should not go outside because blood vessels constrict due to the cold and reduce their lumen (cross section). So blood and blood components experience more resistance and heart strains in its mission to pump the blood. In addition if your blood is thick in general the aggregated (gathered) platelets can lead to blockage of a blood vessel.

Stroke is caused by many factors but the strongest is the nervous tension. It is not worth to ruin your nerves for anything. Learn to live peacefully despite everything. The most important thing you need to know from a practical standpoint is that instantaneous reaction of relatives near the victim of a stroke is life-saving. Not later than two hours from the onset of stroke should be started an intravenous infusion of vasodilatory drugs to improve blood flow to the brain as well as acceptance of large doses of vitamin C, B1, B6 and B12 in ampoules (i.v. - intravenous.) If this does not happen the chances of the victim to survive the brain accident is significantly reduced. This period is also critical for controlling the consequences of the stroke if the victim has a chance to survive. The consequences are paresis of the left or right limbs and the facial nerve.

Excellent help for the process of blood supply to the brain and prevention of stroke in elderly people and those who suffered already of stroke is the realization of two courses ten days each at every six months with intravenous administration of Nootropil, Cavinton or Pyramem and vitamin C, B1, B6 and B12. To be coordinated with a neurologist.

Do not wait for the moment that a stroke will overtake you but start living wisely. In this connection I want to tell you what shared to me an acquaintance of mine when he realized that I quit smoking cigarettes: "... and I quit also, for 15 years I do not smoke after the stroke". You realize how ridiculous this statement sounds but for my acquaintance the day already 15 years is a torture because the stroke paralysed his right arm and leg and made of him a disabled person for life.

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