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Fractures of the long bones

Fractures of the long bones. To the late complications of fractures of the long bones can be attributed the fat embolism, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism. Mandatory in case of such fractures should begin the acceptance of an anticoagulant for prevention of the consequences. Anticoagulants are to be stopped gradually pursuant to a certain scheme alike beta-blockers for the heart. Abrupt discontinuation of the anticoagulant can lead to embolism. The same procedure is done at surgical interference in the body for example in the replacement of the hip joint as the anticoagulant must be administered for at least 45 days after the end of the operation. I know people who stopped taking the anticoagulant in the third week after surgery and naturally died shortly after the end of its reception. Acceptance for too long of the anticoagulant is also absolutely undesirable. In each cardiology at prosthetics of heart vessels after a heart attack doctors in order to insure themselves against their own incompetence in establishing the exact cause of the heart attack prescribe to the patient the acceptance of an anticoagulant for a lifetime thus pushing its health to another extreme - serious risk of fatal hemorrhage. Absolute crime!

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