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Cancer. Imposed by standard medicine is the opinion that in the diagnosis of cancer taking biopsies from the tissue of the cancer formation is an important step in the treatment process. Caution! Each surgical interference in the body lowers the immunity and subjects it to unprecedented acidosis. Taking a biopsy is a surgical intervention and is associated with cutting a portion of the tumor tissue for testing. Is this necessary? Definitely this is not necessary in any case! Firstly because the biopsy results in instantaneous blood poisoning with cells of the cancerous tissue and an extremely rapid spread of cancer in the form of metastases in other tissues and organs. After the biopsy the malignant cancer kills the patient months earlier than in case of its avoidance. Secondly - it is absolutely needless because cancer cells are trophoblastic one, such by the laws of nature are the germ cells - human embryonic cells. Trophoblast cells secrete a hormone called chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). When women become pregnant after the first week of pregnancy the level of hCG increases about 5 times which is a sufficient condition in the urine to be secreted its two metabolites which give a positive result in the use of a pregnancy test strip. Such is the situation in malignant tumors. Long before any clinical manifestation thanks to the fact that the carcinoma secretes the same hCG, without the biopsy, only on the basis of a test for pregnancy can be detected the presence of a malignant cancer. Thirdly, whatever the kind of the cancer is - benign or malignant, the standard medicine to this day does not offer at all any effective treatment against it. On the contrary - in the name of greed it helps cancer to spread and kill faster the patient by the cytotoxic (toxic for the healthy cells) chemotherapy and by high dose of lethal radiation exposure called radiotherapy in order to sound like something humanely. These are incredibly expensive procedures for which the state (i.e. all of us) pay and thus to the pockets of doctors and the cashboxes of the pharmaceutical companies are flocking deep rivers of bloody money earned on the back of the cancer patients. We are talking about a turnover of 1 trillion USD per year worldwide.

Two important clarifications. HCG produce only and exclusively the germ and cancer cells and no other type of cells in the body. When the pregnancy test presents a positive result it means that the woman is either pregnant or has cancer. For men the result is unambiguous. On the causes of development of cancer in the text so far I wrote at several places in details. In a few words, I would like briefly to recall the mechanism that leads to this serious medical condition - the provocation of hypoxia most oftenly due to a foolish and harmful lifestyle that puts the body into a state of oxygen deficiency and impaired acid-base balance in the direction of reduced pH (acidification, acidosis). The consequences are damage to the cellular and mitochondrial DNA and disruption of the normal process of protein synthesis.

Vitamin deficiency (avitaminosis) is another of the main causes of cancer. Most significantly in the absence of vitamins B9, B12 and B17. The median survival rate within 5 years after chemotherapy and radiotherapy worldwide is the negligible 0.8%. Survival rate avoiding any of the two - 35%. These 35% are people who have been clear about the colossal fraud conducted by the oncologists and by refusing to be "cured" have saved themselves to be part of the in mourning statistics of the above 0.8 percent.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a procedure by which is made imaging diagnostics using three-dimensional "capture" of the body in layers thick few centimeters each in cranial-caudal direction (skull - tail) and in the sagittal plane (ventral - dorsal: belly - back). The magnetic field created by the MRI is huge and by itself it is a major prerequisite for the development of cancer but sometimes its performance is imperative so closely consider whether to undergo MRI or not without having a really good reason. For example, a pain in the waist caused by a herniated disc or prolonged headache with no other symptoms of something embarrassing are not a cause for conducting an MRI examination! Detailed information on the impact of the MRI see in paragraph: "Magnetic Resonance Imaging - proved to be harmful".

Cancer prevention
On the book market you will find many books on cancer treatment. One of the popular misconceptions is that cancer could be treated with sodium bicarbonate. Why is this a misconception? The reasons are several. Sodium bicarbonate increases the content of bicarbonate ions in the blood plasma and thus increases the alkalinity of the body. Well, you'll say, wasn't it better to be slightly alkaline to avoid hypoxia? Yes, but the role of the bicarbonate as the major acid-base buffer alone by itself is not able to fight off oxidation of the body which we inflict to ourselves minutely by the foolish way of life we have. I have seen people whose loved ones are suffering from lung cancer with metastases in the brain and bones caused by smoking of 2-3 packs of cigarettes a day and they themselves (the relatives) who were also smokers instead of throwing those steaming excrements out of their life do you know what they did? They have been drinking water with sodium bicarbonate as a cancer prevention because someone told them that this will help to avoid cancer and with the other hand continued to pull from the poisonous cigarette convinced that they themselves are fully protected against cancer. О, Sancta Simplicitas! - from Latin language - "Holy simplicity!".

On the other hand drinking of sodium bicarbonate systematically (daily) leads very quickly to the development of hypertension because baking soda represents Na+ ion (soda) connected to the bicarbonate ion HCO3- and in the body that sodium alters the water-salt balance in the direction of hypertension i.e. the faster you will die from high blood pressure in conducting your "anti-cancer prevention" than from cancer. Do not seek ways to fool nature because finally the fooled one will be only you.

Vitamin B17 (amygdalin, laetrile) as a factor in cancer treatment - see in paragraph "Vitamin deficiency" where there is a detailed biochemical explanation of its action. None chemotherapeutic "medicine" or "healing" method of irradiation of healthy and cancerous cells does not explain exactly how it aims to remove the treated tumors, as opposed to the logical, tested and verified on tens of thousands of cancer patients biochemical explanation of treatment with B17.

Alkaline Diet - yes it is one of the several very important everyday events on cancer prevention. The alkaline diet increases the degree of oxygen saturation of the tissues and the cancer does not like oxygen. See more in the chapter "Nutrition." рак

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