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Fungi. When you have a suspected outbreak of athlete's foot (fungi) and go to the doctor for an examination the following happens. The Doctor takes two bits of glasses and with the first one scrapes some skin cells from the area between your toes (where it is suspected to hide the fungi) on the other glass and microscopically examines for bugs. He is looking long and finally says: "Wow, it is full of spores here!". He prescribes you the most advertised preparations for spreading for the day and tells you to come to an examination again after 10 days. Then again he repeats the same procedure after 10 days and then again and again and again. You begin to wonder why your skin problems do not pass for so long while the doctor is lying you as a professional swindler. Finally, after spending at least 200 Euros for medical examinations and another 100 for ointments you decide to open the books and read therein that skin problems are actually demolished immune system and occurrence of an autoimmune disease. What is the conclusion? The conclusion is that the problem will not be solved by spreading from the outside but with healing your body from the inside!

Firstly and most importantly in all skin problems (which fungi appear to be) is to start drinking water in physiologically appropriate quantities to reduce histamine in the body. Secondly, start drinking Vitamin C for at least 6 months in a dose of at least 250 to 500 mg/day during or after meals. Compulsorily test your vitamins levels in some laboratory and mostly B9 and B12. If the problem is particularly in B9 and B12 in this book I have described the details of its acceptance and procurement in paragraph "Vitamins deficiency."

For the physical elimination of fungi between the toes go to a pharmacy and buy a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide then make cotton wads. The wads must be soaked with hydrogen peroxide and placed between the toes. Wait this way 15 minutes. Be careful while handling the hydrogen peroxide. Keep your eyes and accidental ingestion thereof. Do not apply on open wounds.

To avoid formation of fungi disinfect the inside of your shoes after each wearing (especially in summer) by spraying them with hydrogen peroxide. Buy yourself a small spray with hand operated pump mechanism on top with a screw from some shop and fill it with hydrogen peroxide.

Ointments that are sold in pharmacies against fungi are absolutely of no benefit whatever the expensive ads on TV claim. It's all a big fraud. I told you already what the reason is!

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