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Prophylaxis against influenza virus and pathological microflora like bacteria, fungi and others.

1. In the morning after getting up pour into a glass of 125 ml mineral water and in it with a dropper add 4 drops of hydrogen peroxide of 3%. Stir for a few seconds and rinse your mouth and gargle your throat for 10 seconds. Spit out! Do not swallow! This is done once a day only in the morning.

2. With the same amount of water make a new solution by adding baking soda in quantity of about 1/4 of a teaspoon. Mix well for about 30 seconds to dissolve the soda. With the solution rinse your teeth and gargle the throat for about 30 seconds. Spit out!

3. Buy Cotinus leaves and in a tea cup (of 250 ml) put a tablespoon of leaves. Fill with water and put it in the microwave oven for two minutes at full power. Then leave the cup for 30 minutes to cool. Strain the resulting decoction of the leaves in another cup. Then rinse teeth and gargle your throat for 5-10 seconds. Spit out! Do not drink it!
      Items 2 and 3 are performed every 4 hours during the day.

4. During the influenza period take 300 mg of vitamin C every 24 hours as you should separate the intake in 3 parts by 100 mg for every 8 hours to maintain a good level of the vitamin in the blood.

5. Induce a couple of sweating within 1 hour by covering your body and head with many blankets. Dress with dry clothes after each sweating.

6. Take a hot shower!


7. In the event that your body temperature reach 38OC! Take one tablet of Analgin of 500 mg and one tablet of Paracetamol of 500 mg every 4 hours until the temperature drops to normal but for not longer than 24 hours. For faster absorption by the body and to avoid the erosive action of the drugs on gastric mucosa grind the tablets in powder before taking them. If after these 24 hours your temperature is still 38OC contact a doctor to prescribe an antibiotic course of treatment.

Why exactly these mixtures help to prevent inflammation and possibly subsequent infection and why you have to do the sweating and the hot shower?

Use pure hydrogen peroxide and never that of pharmacies where there are stabilizers as phenacetin which are cancerogenic. Pharmaceutical hydrogen peroxide can be used for external use only. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is generally produced by leukocytes (neutrophils and monocytes) and thus is performed super oxidation of the unspecific microbiological flora (bacteria, fungi, viruses) at the place of its penetration (the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, throat). In this super oxidation parasites die because 80% of them are anaerobic creatures and do not withstand environments with high concentrations of oxygen. The added by us amount of hydrogen peroxide helps this oxidation to be performed faster and in wider area. In order to understand the bactericidal effect of hydrogen peroxide consider the fact that 15 ml of H2O2 placed in 1 liter of water reduce the number of microorganisms 1000 times! Gargling with baking soda helps to change pH on the surface of mucous membranes of the mouth and throat and also the teeth (plaque on them are home and factory for pathological microorganisms including viral ones). The microorganisms grow well at pH 6 to 7 and a temperature of 37OC therefore the solution with soda which has pH of 10 has an adverse effect on them as here can be included the impact on the remaining 20% aerobic bacteria and viruses. Cotinus is applicable for thousands of years in such cases because it has bactericidal effect i.e. kills bacteria and also tightens the gums and blood vessels at the site of application thereby pathological microflora stops penetrating into the body using its usual manoeuvres - decomposition of hyaluronic acid (building block of the mucous membranes and skin), tearing fibrinous structures and serum coagulation this way protecting itself against phagocytosis performed by our leukocytes. Concerns of some people that this would kill their own microflora are groundless. Not by chance I wrote above that this procedure should be done every 4 hours because it only supports in an excellent way the operation of body's own defence systems carried out by the humoral part (liquid environment within the body) of the immune system which have selective action on "our own" and "foreign" microorganisms. Namely during those four hours bacteria and viruses manage to reproduce themselves again in its previous pathological (disease-causing) amount. However, the healing process of the body is underway and this cycle will continue as long as the immunoglobulins (groups of antibodies) create us immunity against bacteria and viruses which can take from several days to 1-2 weeks depending on the strength of the immune system of your organism. Thus created immunity against exactly these antigens (as is the influenza virus of type A "Hong Kong" strain H3N2) people reserve for 6 months to 3 years. The use of antibiotics will be necessary only if your condition passes into a febrile one i.e. with temperature higher than 38OC and only if you fail to lower it for more than 24 hours with analgin and paracetamol because the increase in temperature means that there is an inflammation going on and this is one of the mechanisms of the body to combat against invading virus infection. As I said above the temperature at which viruses and bacteria feel best it is 37OC every other is detrimental to them. I have written that one of the measures to protect against flu is to take a hot shower. This is to be done only when you have provided for yourself a heated room in which you could go after the bath! Hot shower is needed to change the temperature regimen of the body due to reasons already described. Furthermore, in perspiration occurring in taking a hot shower are removed endotoxins that bacteria and viruses release. These toxins cause further inflammation at the site of release therefore the easiest way to provoke their removal through the skin is by perspiration. The concern that high doses of vitamin C (greater than 100 mg / day) can harm you is another delusion imposed by the so called doctors so that you may stay sick longer. Vitamin C can be administered in large doses without causing toxic effects. These doses can reach 12 grams per day or more. The only result of such doses will be your improved health and conceivably some diarrhea. This water-soluble vitamin cannot be overdosed. In a small number of people kidney stones appear due to the formation of oxalates therein but firstly this can happen after intake of doses greater than 2 gr per day for many months and secondly taking enough water in the body strongly hinders the development of such a scenario. Another concern of the ignorant on the use of a microwave oven (generally in life) in the preparation of Cotinus decoction is not only unjust but also a sign of low intelligence and lack of basic scientific knowledge because in physics there is a phenomenon which is called ionizing radiation which is harmful to the body but it cannot be caused by the magnetron of a microwave oven in anyway because rays emitted by them are typical for the opposite (harmless) end of the radio wave spectrum. It is easy to talk nonsense to frighten people but science has its laws. Good luck in flu prophylaxis!

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