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Constipation. Constipation can have a neurological nature (lazy bowel), but most oftenly we inflict it ourselves. How? Mostly by not drinking enough water, forgetting the intake of yogurt (lactobacillus bulgaricus type only), in the absence of movement (walking, exercising) and especially during prolonged staying seated, by consuming mostly dry and fatty foods. Constipation is very harmful to the body especially if it is chronic. How to overcome this unpleasant situation? First of all change your habits - food and movement.

In desperate need you may undertake one or more of the following:

- In desperate need you may undertake one or more of the following: If the situation is very urgent go to the drugstore and buy syrup Lactulose (or such containing the substance - Lactulose). This is harmless dense fluid consisting of polysaccharides which serves for watering of the faecal mass so that it is easier to move towards the exit.
- Another option for help is a shock dose of vitamin C. At least 2-3000 mg (which is 2-3 grams). In such and larger amounts vitamin C causes a diarrhea. Overdosing of vitamin C is impossible.
- Drink 1 liter of water.
- Make yourself tea with honey.
- Boil a pumpkin. Baked pumpkin does not cause the same reaction.
- Eat 4-5 overripe or fully ripe pears on an empty stomach. Unripe fruits will cause the opposite reaction.
- Buy apricots or plums.
- Peel a banana and spread on it thoroughly tahini made of sesame and flax or honey.
Coffee loosens excellent especially on an empty stomach.

The best technique for defecation:

In your attempts in the toilet to get a result (even if you do not suffer from constipation) be smart and use the most optimal posture in which the body could be able to move most easily its content. Take a small stool or a leg support of height 15 cm. Once upon a time there were such in the offices under the desks so that the legs of employees may not swell. When you sit on the toilet dish put your feet on the support. Then wrap the legs with hands under the thighs behind the shins. Thus slightly bent forward you are pressing the abdominal organs and they press the rectum and colon for excellent results. Do not (spurt) push hard! At least not much as it may cause a vascular accident (bleeding). Despite all modern toilet bowls do not offer the best posture for defecation so if things still do not happen it is needed to use the so called "turkish toilet" or nature, where to stand in full squat and then you will run the plan. Good luck!

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