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High blood cholesterol and triglycerides

High blood cholesterol and triglycerides. Cholesterol and triglycerides are steroids not fat as erroneously regarded by most people. Their elevated levels in the body means you do not eat properly, do not move enough, smoke cigarettes or the three altogether. If you eat for example a lot of white and yellow cheeses, sausages and white bread but omitting to taking at least one apple a day and a green salad or similar then no matter how much you move your cholesterol will be high. On the other hand if you take proper food that contains enough fiber and acids of natural origin (as in the apples, lemons, etc.) in reasonable quantity then limited movement will rise lesser effect on the accumulation of cholesterol.

The principle is still a sensible diet, enough exercise and no cigarettes. Lowering cholesterol levels with statins is harmful, suicidal and 100% inefficient. Yes, after taking statins within 30 or 60 days your cholesterol level will be dropped but soon after their intake is being stopped cholesterol starts to rise to its previous values.

To reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels except movement you should eat foods containing a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids. These are flax seeds, chia, fish - mackerel, herring, salmon, whole egg (the greatest amount of Omega 3 by volume of all foods). As you can see eggs not only accumulate cholesterol but on the contrary they are the best cholesterol solvent. Exactly the opposite of what your doctor will advise you. Vitamin C also lowers cholesterol. Look for natural ways to correct your pathological conditions not by chemical junk that doctors and drug stores push in your hands any cost. They remove temporarily the symptoms because they do not treat the cause.

All of these essential components of the human body are made of cholesterol:

-          Estrogen
-          Testosterone
-          Progesterone
-          Cortisol (stress hormone with anti-inflammatory properties)
-          Aldosterone (regulates the balance of salts)
-          Vitamin D
-          Bile (needed for digestion of fats and vitamins)
-          Brain synapses (exchange of nerve impulses)
-          Myelin sheath (wraps and insulates neurons)

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